VDR to stay competitive

An Effective Business Model with VDRs Usage

Our modern life has a very high speed. With the growth of technologies, we have more possibilities to explore the world. However, we have less time to cover all the alternatives we have. A business world is even tougher in terms of speed and needs smart technological decisions to operate all the processes efficiently. Today, even very big deals can be made in an hour, and it is no time for decision making process and technical issues. That`s why Virtual Data Room became a very popular business IT tool, widely used across different economy sectors. Physical rooms remained in the past, as they cannot provide business owners with the benefits VDRs can, like:

- More effective usage of time resources
- Higher speed to business and a quicker decision making process
- More cost effective, no need to pay for physical maintenance, working places and etc.
- An effectively organized data storage system with a constant online access
- Advanced security system and protection from data leakages
- Special communication tools , Q&A sessions, presentations
- Project management system
- Audit and project tracking options

The most difficult part is to choose a reliable and technologically developed provider of VDRs. By the way, when it comes to the ranking of VDRs providers, iDeals has become a top priority one for many companies and business segments. iDeals was a pioneer on the market of professional data rooms and has a very strong I/R center to constantly develop and improve their VDRs. They propose to integrate their VDRs to company’s infrastructure or use it as a separate online business platform. Virtual Data Rooms from iDeals have a lot of competitive advantages and are far richer in functions than their competitors.

iDeals has special premium functions:

- A premium and advanced level of data protection. A superior protection program will keep your data very safe and prevent any possible leakage. Several Independent Security Authorities have proved a military protection level of iDeals VDRs. A special fence view of documents, blocking of print screen button, watermarks on documents and other functions can guarantee you extra security.
- A premium set of communication tools: possibility to link documents and files to Q&A session, online conferences, leave comments under files.
- Integration of MS Office, possibility to cooperate with all types of documents.
- Project management tools, including a based-role management, activities tracking, audit, statistics and other.
- Clients orientation and flexibility with the product development to meet client`s requirements and business peculiarities.

So, to stay competitive in a modern business world you can`t use outdated tools and methods. VDRs will be in a DNA of modern deals very soon. iDeals can become your long-term partner on the way of gaining a leading market share.

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